Helen Cassidy
Dip Art & Design, Bath Academy of Art
Since our lockdown in March 2020 I lost the will to paint, not going out and about to collect sketches of my surroundings except in my garden. So I turned my attention to creating 3D objects in complete contrast, recycling bottles plastic and cardboard and combining with paper mache.

Even more recently, I discovered Gourd Art most of which is done in America ( probably because that is where the gourds are successfully grown and dried in large numbers in the fields). As I originally studied ceramics as a student at art college these organic objects appealed to my sense of design.

I am always looking for a change in direction so not to get into the trap of being labelled with one particular style. I will continue to paint the subjects that delight and excite me, mostly landscapes and waterscapes, but variety is the spice of life, so I experiment with different approaches.